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Our unique formulas
redefine water

and help you support all your

health goals.

Award winning Alitasa Gold Ion Functional Water
Award winning Alitasa Silver Ion Functional Water served at Dorchester hotel in London


Waters to enrich your body, mind and emotional wellbeing.

Backed by science.

Explore the distinguished list of brands and companies we've collaborated with, as well as the prestigious magazines that have spotlighted our commitment to excellence and innovation.

As Seen In

We adopt a scientifically-driven methodology in the formulation of our mineral-infused waters, dedicated to delivering optimal functional benefits. We strive to merge cutting-edge research and innovative practices to offer a superior line of functional waters.

100s Clinical


Our commitment to scientific excellence ensures that every bottle embodies the ideal balance of minerals, promoting not just hydration but also contributing to overall well-being. We invite you to join us on this journey of scientific exploration and hydration optimization.

Over 85,000


In our pursuit of excellence, we analysed an extensive array of studies, sifting through a wealth of scientific literature. This rigorous exploration and comprehensive research served as the foundation for our meticulous crafting of the perfect formulas to ensure that each element of our formulas is carefully calibrated.

In-House Lab


We are dedicated to upholding the highest standards in every step, and this commitment extends to the conscientious selection of sustainable packaging for all our products. We aim to deliverer products that not only meet but exceed expectations in terms of quality and ecological mindfulness.

Award Winning


Waters to enrich your body, mind and emotional well-being.
Backed by science.

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To arrange supply in the your individual region, please contact our regional manager.

Alitasa offers competitive business rates for hotels, restaurants, catering outlets and offices.
We are always looking for ways to ensure that Alitasa gets distributed as efficiently as possible to minimise our carbon footprint.

All the goodness - without taste compromise

Alitasa is the only unflavoured water awarded a Great Taste Award 2020.

Award winning Alitasa Electrolyte Functional Water Great Taste award

"Surprisingly full-bodied, with an elegant mouthfeel together with a real softness and viscosity on the mid-palate, culminating in a delicate slightly sweet mineral finish. Very neutral overall, fresh and bright,  naturally food-friendly and entirely pleasant."

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