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6.5 - 6.9


Alitasa water is slightly acidic. By drinking alkaline water it’s possible to raise stomach pH but this may not be a good idea. Acid in the stomach serves to break down food more completely, stomach’s high acidity helps the body digest meat, as well as absorb minerals such as iron and calcium. The low pH environment also kills harmful gut bacteria. Most importantly drink more water and stay more hydrated — and that has a major positive effect on your health.


Potassium 88 - 99.5 mg/l

Benefits: Improves metabolism, wound healing, supports heart function, stabilises blood sugar and blood pressure, prevents cramps, reduces anxiety and stress.

Magnesium 25 - 35 mg/l

Benefits: Increases energy, treats insomnia, helps digestion, relieves muscle pains, prevents migraine, helps prevent osteoporosis.

Zinc 2 - 4.5 ml/l  

Benefits: Increases immunity, balances hormones, fights diabetes, increases fertility, supports liver health.

Manganese 0.02 - 0.05 ml/l  

Benefits: Needed for enzyme function, fights diabetes, supports lung health, reduces PMS symptoms, helps weight loss.

Sulphates 190 - 250 ml/l  

Benefits: Helps to flush toxins, it is essential for production of collagen, prevents arthritis, helps in forming proteins in the joints.

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