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Electrolyte Water. All-in-one hydration.

Award winning Alitasa Electrolyte Water is formulated using a combination of essential minerals, including potassium, magnesium, zinc and manganese.



Alitasa Electrolyte Water

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  • Formulated with:

    + Potassium : Improves metabolism, wound healing, supports heart function, stabilises blood sugar and blood pressure, prevents cramps, reduces anxiety and stress.

    ​+ Magnesium : Increases energy, treats insomnia, helps digestion, relieves muscle pains, prevents migraine, helps prevent osteoporosis.

    ​+ Zinc : Increases immunity, balances hormones, fights diabetes, increases fertility, supports liver health.

    + Manganese : Needed for enzyme function, fights diabetes, supports lung health, reduces PMS symptoms, helps weight loss.

    + Sulphates : Helps to flush toxins, it is essential for production of collagen, prevents arthritis, helps in forming proteins in the joints

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